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Our Services

We specialise in providing excellent clinical assessment and rehabilitation services. Due to the strength of our approach, we offer individual therapy and a wide range of bespoke packages.

We work across Ipswich and East Suffolk, West Suffolk and Waveney. Our main centre is Stowmarket, with a small satellite base in Waveney.

Our team of specialists work together, to put the right measures in place that will equip people to manage life back at home and in their community. Through it all, our emphasis is on enabling you to return to full and flourishing lives in their community.

Understanding individual needs

We work hard to understand your exact needs and goals, as an individual. Your needs are comprehensively assessed by our team of specialist clinicians.

Providing the support you need

Alongside our robust assessment service, we offer a range of personalised rehabilitation therapy. All treatment is goal led and promotes self-management and skill relearning

We will work with you to:

  • Acquire or re-acquire skills and strategies to minimise the impact of your brain injury
  • Optimise your recovery of cognitive, communicative, emotional, social, physical and functional wellbeing
  • Minimise the development of behavioural problems and address any other issues that might occur
  • Maximise your potential to retain or return to employment by regaining lost skills or learning new ones
  • Explore leisure and recreational options
  • Work with you, your family and/or carers to address their needs and overcome any barriers you might face together.

Social worker
Clinical psychology
Occupational therapy
Speech therapy

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