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Real life stories

Ashley’s story – how taking part in a sports event at the Olympic park supported a rehabilitation journey

‘Parallel is about bringing everyone together and having a can-do attitude. We shared our experience together and celebrated who we are as people. I saw people I work with independently achieving something which is out of this world.’ So says Chris Hearne-Sirman, specialist social worker with Livability Icanho, a rehabilitation centre for those with acquired […]

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The experience of Livability Icanho, a patient’s story

I had been told that the symptoms that I was experiencing since my car accident were down to old age. It was clear to me that the injury was more than just my imagination.

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Andrew’s story

Andrew (53) had a stroke, which resulted in left-sided weakness, slowed visual processing and mild perceptual difficulties. He also had mild difficulties with language and day-to-day function.

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David’s story

It was soon established that my memory was the problem, my physical disability and the need for guidance to solve the problem was the cause of my depression.

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