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The Vector Dynamic Bodyweight Support System

In 2019, we enhanced our rehabilitation provision with a Vector dynamic bodyweight support system. The first in the UK specifically being used by people with acquired brain injury including stroke.

This system allows our therapists to challenge our clients in a safe environment, with reduced risk of injury from falls. It can safely facilitate practice getting on and off the floor and therefore can increase confidence in this challenging skill.

Used for both over-ground training and on the treadmill, the dynamic nature of the Vector provides consistent support to clients, facilitating normal walking patterns.

A wide spectrum of our clients have benefited from the Vector:

  • Those re-learning to stand to;
  • Those returning to running and challenging their higher-level balance.

The Vector also provides wider treatment options, including:

  • Different approaches to upper limb and;
  • Vestibular rehabilitation.

Another large benefit of the dynamic bodyweight support system is that, unlike static systems, it enables incorporation of functional tasks and interdisciplinary working, to facilitate our clients return to independent living.

We are currently in the process of planning research using the Vector looking at functional outcomes, falls and quality of life outcomes.

Read what our clients have said:

‘The Vector has enabled me to practice getting up from the floor and given me confidence should I need to in the future.’

‘I love this … I’m able to try things without falling over’

‘Having the harness has given me such confidence. I feel the Vector has halved the time I take to make progress with something’.

“I can’t believe how far I’ve just walked. I wouldn’t have been able to walk so confidently without the Vector”