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Our track record

We believe our community based rehabilitation approach is the best way to help you overcome the barriers to your recovery and we are proud of what we have been able to achieve.

Your physical recovery

More than nine out of ten of our people have either fully or partially achieved their goals of decreasing in their level of disability.

We work with people requiring physical assistance to walk when they first come to Livability Icanho, and on discharge more than one in two are able to walk independently.

Your emotional wellbeing

We look at a person’s emotional wellbeing as part of their recovery from a brain injury, and ensure that this falls within the normal range for anxiety and mood at the time of discharge.

Getting you back into work and the community

Our community based approach to your rehabilitation has resulted in more than eight out of ten people improving their skills required to access their community.

Almost nine out of ten people we have worked with have developed use of leisure activities after their brain injury.

We know that work is an imporant part of life and we have ensured that more than half of our people who were previously working have returned to full or part-time employment.

Always improving the way we work

We want to make sure the people we work experience the best service from us. The people we work with and their carers have seen their quality of life increase after their rehabilitation with us.

Following the use of our services, we have been able to reduce paid care hours by 25 hours per week. This has lead to an annual saving of £36,000 so far and an annual reduction of 33,700 of unpaid hours.

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