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At Livability Icanho, we specialise in acquired brain injury rehabilitation for adults who have suffered a brain injury or stroke. We are part of the national charity, Livability.

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Ashley’s story – how taking part in a sports event at the Olympic park supported a rehabilitation journey
‘Parallel is about bringing everyone together and having a can-do attitude. We shared our experience together and celebrated who we[...]
How to manage your stress following a loved one’s acquired brain injury
It's no secret that life can be challenging. Your job, family demands and finances can all contribute to more stress[...]
The experience of Livability Icanho, a patient’s story
I had been told that the symptoms that I was experiencing since my car accident were down to old age.[...]
Top tips for a healthy lifestyle
Leading a healthy lifetyle means your body is in the state it wants and needs to be in to function[...]

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